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Homegrown Poetry- Member's work

Post by Elizabeth Bennet » Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:10 pm

This thread is for members to share their original poems, short stories, personal quotes, etc.

Vural/Bugra inspired

The tshirt series

The Tee Shirt By VurAngel

The shirt touches his neck

and smooths over his back.

It slides down his sides.

It even goes below his belt—

down into his pants.

Lucky shirt.

A blue t-shirt, what a special joy

And, oh, what pleasure any day would be--

Much grander than with any other toy--

Just you, my imagination, and you in your blue tee!

Another T-shirt poem by Ender Hanim

(dedicated to the Hotness, of course)

T-shirts: blue or black,

good they are not slack.

Your torso, what a sight!

It's our great delight.

And now a purple tee!

Is there more to see?

Our imagination's burning,

Every time you're body's turning

'Round and 'round in bed.

Despite you looking sad

we are very glad

to catch a glimpse of you,

purple, black or blue.

Shirt or Body by Meryem-Naj abla

A man as fine as you is hard to find

Not to admire you, one has to be blind

All your t-shirts are lovely, it's true

But credit should be given where credit is due

It's your body not the shirts that is sublime

God oh God! Why couldn't you be mine?

Bana sakın söyleme hayatta kalamayacağımı

"sen benim felaketimden kaçarken o bana sahip çıktı.

ne kadar aşağılık bir adam olursa olsun; yaptığının bedelini ödemeye

göze aldı.

senin gibi kaçıp gitmedi...!♥♥

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Post by Angel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:25 am

The Unbearable Lightness of Being...... Green By VURAngeL

As they opened the iron door

Our jaws dropped to the floor.

That which had caught our attention,

Do we even have to mention?

Your forest green shirt.

Another green shirt was present

but it wasn't quite as pleasant.

For some kind of twisted fate

Many that one celebrate.

Every time you walk on screen,

Although now you're barely seen.

Those 30 seconds make us swoon

Like a bride in her honeymoon.

Extreme jealousy By Meryem-Naj abla

From jealousy I think I'll die

Cuz every night together they lie

Hugs and caresses sweetly his skin

Makes me want to rip it from rim to rim

Touches his arm, back and chest

It's crazy, I know, still I can't rest

I'd better go bury myself in dirt

Cuz I think my rival is a shirt!

Chest hair collection

Mighty Chest Hair By Munir-ViviSoraya

When I go to bed at night

Sometimes a strange thing happens

It's like a mirage starts behind my eyelids

It's you Mighty Chest Hair

I lay there, full of shivers

Thinking how mesmerizing it would be

If for a minute, I could run my fingers

Through you Mighty Chest Hair

Paris of Troj started a war for Helen

I could do the same and more

Without any doubt or guilt

For you Mighty Chest Hair

Untitled by Meryem- Naj abla

I crave your mouth, your face, your chest hair,

Starving, I prowl, down in Hell with my mates,

Food does not satisfy me, flames burn me,

Still I wait for a photo of you all day!

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Post by Angel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:28 am

The LIPS Collection

Tormented By VURAngeL

Bugra’s Soft lips

A perfect ellipse

From which nectar drips

And our senses grip.

Sinful thoughts of our desires

Bitter sweet like pomegranates

Their sensuous bliss.

Launch us into an abyss.

There we lay amiss.

And struggle in ecstasy

Drowning in our fantasy.

Ode to the Hottest Lips on Earth By Ender Hanim

I admit that I really like kissing,

But I didn’t know what I’m missing,

Until I saw the hottest lips on Earth.

I would love to run my fingertips

Over our beloved hottest lips

(Although the chest hair would do too).

I imagine they taste like wine

So licking them would be just fine

(And I’d try to stick my tongue inside).

I hope I’m a better kisser than a poet though

But if I’m not, then you should know

There’s plenty of women in a hellish row.

Sexy mouth By Meryem-Naj abla

His sexy mouth is God's creation

It's delicious, it's sensual, it's all temptation

From afar, I hunger for it. What a situation!

In my dreams, we kiss a lot and it's quite the celebration!!!

BUGRA'S MOUTH! By Selim-Newy

Every time i look at Bugra's mouth

my hormones start pouring out.

His mouth looks so yummy

and makes my imagination go naughty.

His lips are made for kissing

his body looks like a painting

makes all females

around him start fainting.

In conclusion Bugras mouth is made to give satisfaction

without taking any precautions.

Untitled By Munir Vivisoraya

Your lips are made of clouds

Harvested by feathered babies

They serve all kinds of crowds

Tonight no "if"s, no "maybe"s

Because deep down we all know

(Now prepare to take a bow)

That having Vural tonight,

Will make your tomorrow all right!

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Post by Angel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:31 am

The scar collection

A scar- By Kristen-Homewrecker

I wished on a star

that nothing would mar

his beautiful face

especially the scar

that I love from afar

Untitled By Selim-Newy

Roses are red,

violets are blue,i love Vural's scar

and so should you!

It makes him look HOT

and SEXY too

all i want to do

is kiss him till he turns blue!

Your Scar By VurAngel

I'd love for you to tell me, how you got that scar.

the one I'd make a wish on were it a shooting star.

Even if it breaks my heart while driving in my car.

I must know. Did it happen with a crow bar, or while fighting in a bar?

The stitches so uneven, Oh so far apart,

Remind me of a nose on a Picasso work of art.

They have haunted my heart, my dreams and eyes

Right from FGSN?"s very early start.

Must go the the Bazaar now, It isn't very far.

I'd like to have a chocolate bar.

While staring at that scar.

Before I go there's something I must say.

Even if your name was Bart or if you liked to fart.

As long as I could gaze upon that scar.

You'd be the owner of my heart.

A combination of my daily thoughts: Vural and Pathology.

Here I go:

Vulnus Lacerum By Munir-ViviSoraya

If you were a vulnus punctum

You'd be a stab wound,

If you were a vulnus sclopetarium

You'd be a gunshot,

But you're just a vulnus lacerum

Beautiful, sexy, little scar!

I look at you: uneven, badly sutured

and thank the clueless intern that created you

Because what would life be like

If my eyes could not rest upon

You, oh handsome laceration!

The scar By Meryem -Naj Abla

Sexy scar in a beautiful face

cannot but look at you

You're the star I love to watch

No matter what I do

You're a beauty, wild so wild

The master of our hearts, with no decree

Sexy scar in the middle of your face

Robs none of your hotness, we all agree!

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Post by Angel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:34 am

The Butt collection

Fortune Teller Globe By munir-Vivisoraya

More spherical than Earth

It doesn't lack in girth

It's leading and we follow

Oh God, don't think we're shallow

We're folks of poems and art

Forget the "HOTNESS" part

Of course we admire your mind

But we're fools for your "behind"

Your Peach By VurAngel

Like a fresh peach,

Your fine butt, once in motion

Causes quite the commotion.

Like waves upon the beach.

As it shakes from side to side.

Bend over and it’s over.

Its Roundness, its firmness

Oh, it leaves us wordless.

Left to right, such a sight,

Like from Turkish delight,

Couldn’t take just one bite.

Each cheek carefully crafted,

By the highest, the master.

Please don’t shake it any faster,

Might cause a natural disaster.

Untitled by Selim-Newy

As i'm sitting here

trying to write a poem

about Vural's behind

I'm trying to find the right words to describe

the hotness's butt

that has conquered my mind!

It looks small and round

firm and tight

when he wiggles it from left to right.

Oh how i wish

I had the chance

to pinch a little

the hotness's rear end.

I'm drooling now

so please forgive me BUGRA

don't be scared

i'm really only one of your biggest fans

along with the rest of my devil friends!

Anyhow, Anyway By VURAngeL

Wearing blue, draped in purple,

Dipped in glue, wearing a kirtle.

Our prince , so sad and moody

Vivi wants to paint you nudee

From your head down to your booty.

In Meryem’s dreams you’ve done the woogie.

And Newy for you goes tutti frutti.

Ender hanim and Vurangel for you also go nooty.

We scream, we scheme, and because of you,

we act like we’re fifteen

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Post by Angel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:37 am

In the Night By Munir- ViviSoraya

Every time he closes his eyes

He sees the same threat

It's her face, his heart it ties

And makes him pay his debt

He can never be alone

That face is always there

Her features are as cold as stone

She longs for what is fair

She comes each night to see him pay

For all the pain he caused

She won't be gone, there she will stay

His torture won't be paused.

Depression By Ender hanim

Depression. It's like a deep black sea.

Nobody's diving deeper than me.

Everytime summer blinks in my head

I'm feeling everything's gonna be bad.

I missed my chance to go to UK

So I just had to stay in Turkey.

I saw my own mother acting like whore,

So I can't trust anybody, no more.

And all of that nightmares, what can I do,

Güllie all over me, but I'm feeling blue.

Please, leave me alone. I want to die.

Allow me just finally to say goodbye.

From Vural to Fatmagul

Anguish By VURAngeL

I'm Tortured, by the hate that fills your eyes

I'm Haunted by the screams of all the dreams

That because of me You failed to realize .

I'm Afraid,of all that surrounds me

Unable to neither face it nor escape it.

I search endlessly and desperately for your forgiveness

Without knowing how to or Where to begin.

Where can it be found? By that tree?

At the shore, near the sea?

My tears are the one thing I still can feel

the only thing that still feels real.

Believe me, It would not ease the pain

If a thousand times those words I heard you say

A thousand times you'd say those words in vain

Because as God is my witness

even if earned your forgiveness,

I could never earn my own.

Please forgive me By Meryem-Naj abla

Yesterday, to my shame, I wet my bed

Oh my God! How I wish I was dead

You came to me in my dream, you see

I was so scared, you made me pee

They all laughed, thinking I was a freak

I was in total shock, not able to speak

Nobody feels the burden of my guilt

How much it weighs on me or how it built

I hurt you in the most hideous way

I wish I had never been born, never lived that day

Tell me, would you feel better if I died?

If I begged and groveled and myself stripped of all pride?

If the answer is yes then I'm willing to die

I can't live with my sin anymore, I won't lie

I don't deserve to ask for forgiveness, I'm but a swine

But please remember: "To err is human, to forgive divine".

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Post by Angel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:39 am

Hell By Kristen-homewrecker

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Post by Angel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:40 am

The surrender by Meryem-Naj abla

He was so romantic, he was so tender

To him, it was so easy to surrender

His chest was as chiseled in rock

As for me, my feelings, I did not lock

He kept it going all night

He is not a prince or even a knight

But my heart goes kaboom kaboom

As soon as he comes into the room

He might be younger than me in age

But let's for a bit think outside the cage

About trivial matters, we shouldn't care

The most important thing is the love we share!

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Post by Angel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:44 am

The One Day War Poems

The 1 day war between Engin Heaven and Bugra Hell poems

The poem which prompted the war.

By mukadaxxx

Grass are green, skies are blue

vural is so ugly but you guys have no clue.

you think he taste like honey

but i think he smells funny

he has six toes as big as his nose

if you smell his feet you'll never be able to eat

he might have lice and is scared of mice

but i know you will still love him i admit you're a lost case.

Reply By Ender Hanim

You know, we have to be sincere.

None of us have shed a tear

Because of poems of heavenly dwellers

Who are just a bunch of nonsense sellers.

Common, there's no such thing at their Kerim

Like Vural's scar that makes us dream.

Bugbear By VurAngel

Do you remember when you were tha man?

Before your obsession with Fatmagul began?

Where did you go? You were gone one day

Then after that you were never okay.

Following the misses from here to there

And still you get nothing, well, maybe clean underwear.

You look like an angel with gel in your hair but

The hair on your back makes you look like a bear

Tears flow from your eyes. Severe pain in one ear?

Your ears, won’t even go there or I’ll need a beer.

They instill fear. Let’s be sincere.

Crying and crying and then storming out

Please tell me man…what’s that all about?

How's Heaven? I hear it's boring up there

Since all they care about is your longhair.

And they should cause without it

You’d look like a bugbear.

By Meryem- Naj Abla

A little poem for Heaven people:

People of Heaven are not nice

They attacked us and we shan't say it twice

Although our heart is big and cool as ice

Defamation of the Hotness shall have a price!

Vural O Vural By Mukadaxxx

head extra large on a body extra small

34 episodes but only seen you cry and crawl

actually your not a good actor at all

but i might use you as a mannequin in a mall

no facial expressions what so ever

yet they call you so hot and clever

your chance with me is always never

you are so cold you make me shiver

To Mukaddess: By Meryem- Naj Abla

With Kerim you are obsessed

Yet he prefers a woman with smaller breasts

Shame your hooters do you no good

Although you did with them everything you could!

Vural is HOT By Selim-Newy

Vural is HOT

Kerim is NOT

Vural gives you THRILLS

Kerim has no SKILLS

Vural has a mouth tastes like sugar

Kerims mouth taste like a sewer

Vural may lack in height

but Kerim lacks in sight

Vural is a HUNK

Kerim looks like a skunk

Vural is one of a kind

too bad heaven is blind!!!

War and piss By Munir- ViviSoraya

Heaven and Hell are in a war

The biggest and craziest of all

Downstairs Commander is VurAngel

Upstairs Mukko was declared Archangel

It started and now it won't stop

Every now and then a poem will pop

I expected blood, that would be fair

I only got shiny, long, black hair

They were ripped out of Kero's head

By the hand of Devil's Advocate

He was so jealous all along

Now Mukko will sing a teary song!

There once was a woman from the other side By Kristen-Homewrecker

Who was so sure of herself and so full of pride

She chose the wrong guy

But was way too shy

To admit she'd rather be vural's bride

Another poem for Muko: By Meryem- naj Abla

We were happy, minding our own business

Admiring our hero, who render us breathless

When you barged in here without any justice

To commence a war that WE will keep bloodless!

Sad attempt to a rebuttal: By Linnemer

All pretty people from hell

worshiping a shrimp with lots of hair gel

don’t you see he is just a grown-up emo

and no comparison to our monumental primo

I wonder if he even has balls

Hides under the bed when the duty calls

Our hero has hair of a lion, I meant heart

He has looking sexy down to an art

Come on, let’s make peace and agree

together worship the real man on our knee

Vural is like a crying buffalo By SM

his body hair makes him look like gruffalo

Have you ever wondered why is he is so rich?

That's cuz he sells his body hair every week

He is nothing less than a freak

waiting from the hospital to be released

but I have no fear

my Kerim will take care

he protects those whom he loves

and his actions speaks louder than his words

As for Vural than he is a sold out

because yasrans are his friends

and he will join them soon

Evet there is no doubt

Whilst Vural is dellusional about his hotness

every girl wants a husband like Kerim Ilgaz

Victory and Peace By VurAngel

Now that the war we have won.

And to beat you was such fun.

We can finally take a rest.

And go back to what we do best.

Continue to praise with madness

Vural’s never ending hotness.

Oh people of heaven, to you your hairy beast

To us our tiny yet delightful feast.

Let’s make peace and let our love

For our lovelies forever increase.

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Post by Angel » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:50 am

Munir Poems

A sort of Ode to Baldness By VurAngel

Domes that shine are very nice.

And Oh so trouble free.

Who needs a comb or pesky lice?

Not I. Don’t know about thee.

The ladies seem to like it too.

You men just have no clue.

For if you did you’d clearly see

That what I say it’s true.

I’m kidding no one but myself

I used to have such luscious hair

But one by one they’ve disappeared

As if I rubbed my head with Nair

And now all that is left is what grows inside my ears.

The balls collection

Swollen love spuds by VURAngeL

The baldness turned to Boldness

As you went in for the kiss.

Instead you felt a coldness

from your head down to your knees.

At first you thought "she'll never find them"

And you grinned from cheek to cheek

But eventually she grabbed them

and you let out a big squeak.

Your love spuds,once 2 tiny milk duds

Now swollen like cannon balls.

You try to walk, you try to crawl,

But all you can do is sit on ice....in the tub.

Ball squeeze by Meryem-Naj abla

Did you have to squeeze so bad?

What did I do to make you mad?

I feel as if my balls were on fire!

I wonder if any babies I’ll ever sire!

Honey, I may be the biggest pislik

But you’re forgetting your past a little too quick!

Parental Advisory*

My gadgets are blue By Munir- ViviSoraya

My gadgets are blue

Thanks to Asu

Her fingers grabbed my precious

Damn her she is so malicious

All day I've been sitting on ice

To comfort my "devise"

But the pain just won't go

I'm going to kill that pislik "ho".

Crushed Balls By Selim-Newy

Munir thinks his hot

but he's just an old fart

When he sees young girls

he gets all horny

takes a couple of Viagra

and becomes Mr.Porny

Asu was a surprise

she was a whore

Munir thought

he had her for sure.

She grabbed his balls

and squeezed them so tight

his dirty thoughts flew away

he even lost his sight

His tools got crashed

and that's a problem

since they were small in size

wonder if they will ever be able to rise!

To Munir: By Meryem-Naj abla

Despite the past, you I love

I know, deep down you're soft as a dove

Your darling Peri is constantly on the attack

So I'll ask you to tame her and push her back

Blood tie is strong, it's true

But we're Hell brethren, and this should count too!

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